About Us

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Our Values

Rustic Essentials believes that people should feel good, internally, externally, figuratively and literally. The products, services we create and provide ensure this goal in a fun and friendly way.

We value simplicity. We seek and find simplicity in nature, in lifestyle, in our products and our delivery of service. Leading a simple life is not a passive activity for us.  The decisions and choices we make design the simplicity of our lives. For this reason, we value creativity and critical thinking too.

shelley-loweHow Rustic Essentials, Inc. Got Started

What do you get a hippie for Christmas? That was the question that gave birth to Rustic Essentials, Inc. Every year we receive cool gifts from our hippie family. We received photos, craft beer, beautifully arrayed jars of colorful pickled vegetables, handmade art and crafted wood items made by craftsmen who’ve perfected their art.

In 2007, I decided it was time to make something for these people that was equally enjoyable, and artfully crafted. At that same time, the neighbor kids brought us a gift of tiny molded soap they’d made from a kit. It got me thinking. I like soap. Everyone bathes at some point… Even hippies…

That first year was a small win. The lavender, patchouli, and mint soaps we gifted were well received, Still, it was when those first bars were used up that I knew we had something. We got pleas for more!  We thought, if these discerning hippies liked this stuff, wouldn’t everyone?
Turns out, everyone who tries it does like it. So, we decided it was time to make this thing real.

Welcome to Rustic Essentials.

We hope you enjoy our soaps as much as we enjoy making each individual bar for you.

Shelley Lowe
President Rustic Essentials