Returns Policy

Return Policy

All of our products are returnable.
Consumers & Retailers are welcome to return our products if they are not satisfied with 100%. If the issue is packaging, please return and request clean (meaning new!) packaging replacement. Happy to keep our products looking fresh on your store shelves!

There is no time limit for returns… Its just soap.

Sometimes we receive a product and try it, but don’t like the scent.
If the product has been used and the user is not satisfied, please contact us for a return or exchange.

Due to the nature of our product and packaging, sometimes the packaging needs to be refreshed to look it’s best on retail shelves. We have a 100% exchange policy to assure that you have the best products available on your shelves and we look out absolute best to your customers.

How to return product: 
For exchanges: Please contact us. We will send replacement merchandise along with a return label for the # of units you wish to exchange.
For returns: Simply mail the product back and we will credit your account. Please include contact information so we can call you if your return
is being applied to a credit card. Please provide an accurate address if you’d like your refund in the form of a check.

What documentation is needed?  None. We know if you’ve ordered it or not.

Are original shipping rates refundable? No.

Does customer pay for shipping the return? Not for an exchange. Yes for a full return.

How are you credited? See How to return product statement.
If Rustic Essentials Bath Products are purchased at a retail store, the retailer’s return policy is in effect

Locations or Rustic Essentials Retailers: 
Azenza Spa & Salon, Birmingham, MI
Bink ‘n Babs, Main Street, Brighton
Doctor’s Approach, Jolly Road, Okemos MI
Rebecca Sue, Butler Street, Saugatuck MI
Roehm’s Day Spa, Saginaw Street Lansing MI

Do items need to be in original packaging for returns? No.