No Scrub – Basic
Simple body bar that cleanses and conditions. No exfoliation.

Sea Salt Scrub
The basic body bar is infused with large grain sea salt that conditions and exfoliates.

Steel Cut Oat Scrub
A gentle way to exfoliate that works hard to wash way loose dry skin and leave behind soft, smooth, healthy skin.

Infused Loofah
Excellent on rough dry skin, elbows, heals and toes. The loofah is in the soap!

Rolled Oat
Combines the great cleansing and conditioning values of the basic body bar with the soothing, healing qualities that oatmeal brings.

Wool Body Polisher
Our basic bar is felted with wool grown just 3 miles from Rustic Essentials. This lanolin rich fiber lifts dead skin cells as the soap suds loosen them, leaving skin youthfully clean.