This gentle opaque white soap is fragrance free and made from vegetable based glycerin and supplemented with gluten free coconut oil. This beautiful white soap is gentle enough to use on very sensitive skin and lasts a long time in the bath or shower.

Bug Repellent Soap
What? This soap contains Citronella, Vitamine E, Eucalyptus and Pennyroyal. This soap is highly recommended for gardeners, fishermen, campers, hikers or anyone who enjoys the outdoors but not the bugs that come with it! We do not encourage that it be used by women who are pregnant as Pennyroyal is said to cause sloughing.

This gentle soap holds the calming fragrance of the chamomile flower infused into our vegetable based glycerin that lightly scents the skin with its sweet fresh scent that eases anger and anxiety while gently cleansing the dermis. Works well with dry to combination skin, blemished, inflamed or sensitive skin.

Cucumber Melon
Made with our clear vegetable based glycerin, this bright cheerful soap makes you happy with every sudsy bubble. The fresh clean scent of cucumber blended with the sweet summery smell of melon is sure to pick up the spirits of even the grumpiest of bathers and gently wash away the blues.

Grapefruit Sage
A house favorite! This clear vegetable based glycerin soap fuses the mind-clearing, refreshing citric scent of grapefruit with the warm, romantic scent of sage that works well on most all skin types. It cleanses, calms and refreshes with every sudsy wash.

Honey Almond
Made in the Egyptian style of soaps produced for Cleopatra, the honey and honey comb in this opaque vegetable based glycerin soap carries with it a natural bleaching ability that leaves skin clean and refreshed, while the almond oil infusion moisturizes and conditions. This soap is great for after gardening or other heavy work and also for daily cleansing.

This opaque vegetable based glycerin soap, blends the normalizing and balancing properties of lavender with the cleansing qualities of tea tree oils. Ideal for all skin types, this soothing, sudsy soap is excellent for long relaxing baths or daily showers and helps keep skin and mind clear.

Excellent for the gym bag, kitchen skin and bath, or anywhere else where you seek the cleansing qualities of lemon and the soul strengthening qualities of lemon scent. This clear vegetable based glycerin soap does just that, leaving one feeling clean, fresh and ready to take on the day.

The rejuvenating fragrance of lime wafts from this sudsy clear vegetable glycerin base and wakes the soul. Great for whole body cleansing, just like lemon, this one is great for the sports bag, backpack, shower or skin.

Originally named Refreshmint, the name says it all. The minty smell of this soap refreshes and wakes the bather up, while leaving the skin feeling cool and clean. A favorite among men and excellent for the heavy lifting of dirt while being gentle enough for every inch of it.

Got the music in you? Headed to the festival? Or do you just want to feel that feeling? This clear vegetable based soap infused with patchouli oil and vitamin E takes you there. Excellent for dry to normal skin and soothing to enflamed irritated skin.

Rum & Sage
There isn’t a manlier soap on the market today. This clear vegetable based glycerin soap is great for cleansing and shaving. This soap blends the bracing qualities of rum, the romantic qualities of sage and the warmth of cinnamon into one skin conditioning bar.

Sea Salt
The beautiful ocean scent of this soap takes one to the seaside, relaxes and evokes images of days at the beach. The aloe and vitamin E infused into it conditions, soothes and protects skin in this delicate clear vegetable glycerin based bar.

Want a beautiful citric scent that is warmer than lemon or lime? This is your bar. The cleansing agents of orange and tangerine oils gently clean the whole body, while almond oil conditions the skin in the clear glycerin based body bar.

Therapeutic Tar
Designed specifically for therapeutic use for individuals suffering from skin inflammations including eczema, psoriasis, shingles, chicken pox. This clear vegetable based glycerin soap, is infused with pine tar, vitamin E, wheat germ and palm oil to sooth and heal painful, irritated skin.

Eucalyptus & Tea Tree
Have a spa experience every morning as you shower, or save it for a relaxing bath. This clear vegetable glycerin based soap elicits the calming feeling of a spa when used on hands or body and refreshes the spirit.